Christmas song release.

Coming Home artwork front cover

Coming Home.

Words by Veteran Walt Freudenau.  

This song has been produced to raise awareness and funding for UK HOMES 4 HEROES  Pride & Passion 

The charity does a fantastic job of helping to home our ex service personnel so that they can enjoy clean living environments and a place where they can feel at home. They run an outreach project also where they help with food, clothing, advice and they offer a counselling service to assist with a host of psychological disorders including PTSD.  Check out their website at 

Sung by Phil Bell

Instrumentation and production by SiGGy based on an idea by Reece Parsons. 

Producer Suzie Stanford who co-produced the album Troubled Minds.

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We are looking for businesses to sponsor the making of physical copies of this song and in return will offer you promotion on the physical copy cover.

Blog week ending 1st october.

Wow what an interesting week. Ive spoken to many musical artists the past few weeks and an amazing talented songwriter and theres going to be a new album produced which will be donated to raise awareness and funding for our military persons who are homeless.

The charity that this album will be donated to is called uk homes for heroes pride and passion. As with the first album called Troubled Minds, every penny made from the sale of this album goes to the charity. Ive done my research and spoken to many of my military friends and as always my amazing advisor and feel this is the charity to support at this time.

We are aiming to have a christmas song ready for release early December and an album to follow in the new year.


Also we will be looking at running a competition and possibly an auction to help raise further awareness and fundraising for our military and I’m looking for ideas on how to run a competition. We already have some fantastic items ready to win. Any suggestions please let me know.


I started my Brighton university course this week and have done a couple of videos. The course is creative music, production and recording. This is my second course in the world of music my first being a BTEC course down in Paighton where the staff and students helped me to complete my first album seen below.



I have complex PTSD, I’m a survivor, however days can be a struggle. I hope my videos highlight some of those struggles and ways that I’ve overcome some of those.

I hope they bring a smile to your face and perhaps a giggle. Its not easy recording yourself and opening up but hey ho as they say its good to reflect back and see how we have moved forward.







Welcome to my first blog.

Welcome everyone to my first blog….Im Suzie and the aim of the fundraising will be to raise as much funds to help military PTSD sufferers, obtain the help they need through PTSD Resolution.

Being a sufferer of PTSD myself, brought on by my dramatic, abusive childhood, has made me realize two things. The suffering the Soldier goes through is considerable. Also that it can be a very lonely experience, with not a lot of avenues to turn to for help .

I’ve set myself a challenge to create a music album and video. I’ve shared this journey publicly on my facebook page. Im not a musician, I’ve been told I cant sing, so it seemed to be a great challenge. I’ve written 5 songs and covered several songs and commissioned a music video. This project was funded by my father, who sadly passed away 13th august 2015. He served as a Coldsteam Guard. He wanted to help his fellow brothers and sisters.

I feel so passionate that support is made  available to our Military. To do that I need, with your help, to raise money to fund their treatment, I want to help these very important people in our lives, who went above and beyond to keep us safe and sacrificed all.